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As A Small Business – Using Twitter

Coffee Bump uses Twitter to get customers

Using Twitter to get more business for your business. A small business owner called the Coffee Bump offers information on using Twitter for business purposes.

Oh My! Only 21% of Twitter Users Actively Tweet

Tweeter very surprised at his laptop

Use of Twitter is under utilized. Learn tips for why to use twitter, and how to optimize your twitter account and tweets for better business and SEO results.

Listen First Is Step One In Starting Out In Social Media

Listen First To Start Social Media

Remember the old 1970′s song: “Listen to what the man said?” This is your first step in starting out in Social Media. If you are just venturing into Social Media you may be wondering what should you do first. Beyond setting up your basic Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and LinkedIn accounts, and setting up your WordPress… Read More »

Sensationalized Headlines or Lack Thereof Will Make Or Break Your Website – Blog

How to write effective headlines that serve purpose and engage your readers. Learn why sensationalized headlines are not effective at attracting organic search traffic.