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As A Small Business – Using Twitter

Coffee Bump uses Twitter to get customersAnyone and everyone out there already has a Twitter account, but how do you make it work to your advantage as a small business? The key to your success as a small business owner on Twitter is to make your presence known…

Start out by diving in full force and following people you may not know. Of course, it is important to qualify this information by saying that you must not spam or self-promote under any means. However, you simply can’t sit back and wait for people to come to you as a small business, and you need to get out there and start conversations with people. It is actually best to liken Twitter to mingling at a party, where you can get to know people, chat it up, and eventually provide your own business information.

From there, make sure that you are always posting relevant content. People do want you to be as genuine as possible, so there is nothing wrong with discussing day-to-day activities, but if you have a special niche market, it’s also a great idea to post facts or tips that people will be attracted to. This will have your followers looking forward to your tweets because they offer significant information, and then you can eventually sandwich in promotional information about your business.

Speaking of which, the best way to do this is by providing information about deals, coupons, or promotions. This is the fodder of Twitter, and it will spread like wildfire. What will happen is that your followers will see an interesting deal that you post about your business or service, and they will retweet it to their followers if it is catchy and hot. The key is to make sure that all of your information is retweeted so that you have an even greater sphere of influence, where your followers are reaching out to their followers and their followers and so on.

This is the perfect form of viral marketing, and it will make a dramatic difference in traffic and sales in your small business online!

This blog post was written and offered by Chuggin McCoffee. Check out Chuggin McCoffee’s website at: The Coffee Bump

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